• Girl Scouts is a wonderful organization that focuses on empowering young girls by teaching them life skills and providing them with unique opportunities to learn and grow. Recently, a group of Girl Scout troops had the chance to visit A Second Round Glass, a glass upcycling business, where they learned about the importance of sustainability and the art of upcycling.

  • After the tour, the girls were given the opportunity to create their own upcycled glass pieces. They were taught the process of cutting and shaping glass. The girls were thrilled to see their girl scout emblem and troop number engraved watching their creations come to life and were proud of the fact that they were doing their part to reduce waste.

  • Overall, the Girl Scout troop's visit to A Second Round Glass was a unique and meaningful experience. They learned about the art of upcycling and the importance of sustainability, and they were able to create something beautiful and meaningful from recycled materials. It was a great example of how education and creativity can come together to make a positive impact on the world.

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